Omega 3 Fish Oil

Lemon Flavor!

High in EPA and DHA

Helps Reduce inflammation * Promotes cardiovascular health * May improve mood, blood circulation, pressure and inflammation * Support overall immune health. Beneficial for brain, eyes, skin, and nervous system *
Omega3 is tested to make sure it is free from harmful levels of contaminants such as heavy metals *
Lemon flavor with advanced absorption to increase bioavailability with no fishy aftertaste *


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Manufactured in a strict quality control GMP FDA registered environment Phorward Labs non-gmo Omega 3 Fish Oil is tested for known contaminants. Omega-3 uses 100% Pure Sea-Harvested Pelagic Fish Oil as our natural source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Because our modern diet is loaded with omega 6 & 9 (meat and vegetable oils) it is important to supplement with extra Omega-3, EPA and DHA content.* Omegas are an important nutrient for maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. EFAs also contribute to healthy heart function and joint flexibility as well as supporting brain, nerve, and visual function.*


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